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What is a Home Inspection?

A Real Estate Inspection is an observation of the condition and operation of the major structural and mechanical components of the structure. Your home inspection is based on criteria of durability and serviceability.  The purpose of the inspection is to determine if each of the inspected components of a home are performing their intended function.  This information is critical for making an informed decision when considering the purchase price of a home.

A Real Estate Home Inspector will perform a visual inspection.  Specifically, I will inspect the entire structure, foundation, crawl space, electrical system, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, plumbing, roof and attic, all major appliances, walls, windows and doors.  I look for pest and dry rot infestations.  Your reports will comment on and point out any challenges as well as strengths of the property.  My report will state unsafe conditions and potential hazards.

Residential District

I am committed to bring you the highest quality report. All inspections will be performed in a manner consistent with the inspection industry standards.  Our inspections are also under strict guidance of the Construction Contractor's Board Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice.  This ensures the client and the agent the highest quality inspection available in the marketplace today.

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